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Pier Goodmann
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A Job Well Done!

List of Tim's Accomplishments in Service of Spokane Valley.

Parks & Recreation

The city has doubled its park land, completed the grade separation at Barker Rd. and have full funding for the Pines Road grade separation.


The City has hired a full time housing and homeless director and police officer dedicated to that on a daily basis.

Fiscal Responsibility

Made it through the pandemic without economic impact on the city budget.

Public Safety

The city has maintained it’s contract with the county for our Police Force.

Avista Stadium

With Tim’s support the City has come through with 3 million dollars to improvement Avista Stadium. These improvements allow us to keep minor league baseball that has existed here for over 100 years.


Tim is on the STA board of directors and has helped with all the wonderful additions they have made to their system, including the new electric buses and new routes. He is also on the STA Planning and Development Committee that has put in more routes and bought Electric buses.